Power Film Power film technology, first introduced by Token in 1985, still out-performs all other resistor technologies available for applications that require precision and stability (TO-Style Power Resistors).

Ultra Precision Film Token's unique, ultra-precision film resistor products provide extremely low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and exceptional long-term stability through temperature extremes. Customized chip resistor networks and resistor arrays can also be manufactured, including military-established-reliability components (High Precision Resistors).

Power Wire-Wound Token has grown from being a leader in one area - Power Wire-Wound resistive products - to being a leader in Edge-wound and Round-Wire patterns. Nevertheless, Token continues to develop, manufacture, and market new types of power wirewound resistor products.

High Voltage The Token reliable bulk, Metal Glaze Glass - thick-film portfolio comprises high-voltage resistors and network dividers for use in the most demanding precision high-voltage applications. Ultrastable low-TC precision characteristic provide design engineers with a compact resistor with maximum working voltage ratings and high pulse withstand capability.

Current Sense The Token Current Sense flip chip Resistor is one of the more recent developments and represents the next generation of packaging. This is a more cost-effective solution for high volume, analog applications where high precision, low resistance is required. The chips typically have power capability that is 60% higher than standard surface-mount chips.

Thin Film Token is an experienced manufacturer in thin film technology. Precision resistive products branded Token Thin Film include SMD networks, surface-mount chips, through-hole (leaded) resistors, and resistor/capacitor networks. Token Thin Film technology employs photolithographic precision patterning to give designers a wide range of resistance values in the smallest possible area.


Common Mode Inductors Token Common Mode device provides a low cost, high performance way to virtually eliminate common mode noise and other twisted pair interfaces. It provides high attenuation of common mode noise while differential mode signals. This shielded filter is machine wound, making it less expensive than hand-wound toroid designs. It also assures tighter tolerances between windings for excellent impedance balance.

SMT Power Inductors The high quality level and proven reliability of Token SMT Power Inductors make them the first choice for switch-mode power supplies and DC/DC converters in virtually all sectors of the electronics industry. Token magnetically shielded or non-shielded versions feature technology well-suited to highly demanding processing environments, where ruggedness, high reliability, and outstanding quality are required.

RF Inductors Token designs and manufactures RF Inductors with excellent RF characteristics and extremely high reliability, achieved by large-scale production automation and many years of experience. These inductors are used in RF signal circuitry in communications equipment, medical diagnostic equipment , test & measurement equipment and industrial process control equipment. Token offers surface mount and thru-hole designs in the standard production suitable inductive components for all applications.

Custom Inductors Token has been designing and manufacturing high performance inductors for RF and Power applications for decades. Our product offerings are extensive and our experience with custom inductors is equally extensive. If your application requires more than off-the-shelf product please contact Token. Work with our team of qualified design engineers, project managers and production staff to create and deliver the custom inductor solution that meets, if not exceeds, your needs.
Along with our Manufacturing Technologies Group, versatile facilities and responsive company philosophy have established Token as the preferred supplier for custom inductors. Consider our state-of-the-art Custom Molding and Custom Winding capabilities too.
Contact us for assistance with your next custom inductor application. Let us help you be successful.

Piezoelectric Ceramics

RF/IF SAW Filters SAW resonator and front end filters are key components in modern Remote Control Applications, which transmit in Europe typically at 433.92 MHz or 868-870 MHz and in the USA at 315 or 915 MHz. These remote controls are used in systems for Remote Keyless Entry (RKE, wireless operation of a car's central locking system), electronic toll, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS), short range data transmission, security alarms and garage door openers. They consist of several transmitters and receivers as well as the combination of both, transceivers. For further information, latest updates, and datasheets, please contact us now.

Ceramic Filter, Discriminator, Trap With some additives, the material with extremely stable frequency, temperature and aging characteristics is being used by Token Electronics.
Compared with the single crystal, the piezoelectric ceramics has various advantageous features as follows:
1. Can be mass-produced at low cost.
2. Can be formed into any desirable shape.
3. The direction of the polarization is easily attainable.
4. Chemically and physically stable.
5. Easy for fabrication.

Dielectric Ceramics Dielectric Ceramics is so called "A Dam for Electric Energy". A material that can store energy when a voltage is applied causing electric polarization is called dielectric property. Furthermore, in wireless communications, where the dielectric property of reducing the high frequency electromagnetic wavelength is applied dielectric resonator antenna, and bandpass filters are key devices for mobile phones. Dielectric component has no ead terminals, so it is suitable for surface mounting, and therefore widely used in electronic circuits.

Hybrid Crystal Resonator Resonator devices include ceramic resonators and quartz crystal units. Ceramics are small and inexpensive, while quartz crystal units are expensive and high-precision. In most cases, consumer products tend to incorporate piezo resonators. We have combined high quality quartz crystal element technology and our excellent production technology to jointly develop quartz crystal units "Hybrid Crystal Resonators" as a timing device responding to the market demands. Token can now aim at expanding our share in the HDD market where relatively high precision is required.

Light Sensor

Light Dependent Resistors CdS Light Dependent Resistor is also known as LDR, Cds, photoconductor, photoresistor or photovoltaic cells. There is a characteristic that decreases the resistance as the light intensity of the surface increases, and vice versa. Usually classified as resistors of electronic components.

Most LDRs are made from cadmium sulfide (CdS). They are very cheap, but the resistance range is wide. They are well suited for detecting changes in light levels and determining whether it is "dark" or "bright".

Visible Light Sensors, Detectors Visible light sensors are used to detect light or illumination using a manner similar to the human eye. They are typically used in industrial lighting, consumer electronics, and vehicle systems, where they allow settings to be adjusted automatically in response to changing ambient light conditions. By turning on, turning off, or adjusting features, visible light sensors can conserve battery power or provide extra safety while eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Ambient Light Sensors, Phototransistors The environmentally friendly phototransistor is a combination of photodiode and amplifier integrated in a single chip. This integrated combination is used to overcome the main uniform gain limits of the photodiode. Many modern applications require the output signal from the photodetector to produce even larger than the single photodiode. Although the signal from the photodiode can always be amplified by using an external op amp or other circuit, this method is generally less practical or cost effective than using a phototransistor.

Chip ALS IC type for security lighting with near human Eye photopic response. Token using high quality chip packaging and processing super-plated infrared filter membrane on chip surface, so this sensor can fully filter infrared interference. It is no need to add the casing and extra filter and effective filtering out the effect of light reflection due to infrared emission on security products. This chip IC features high precision and excellent consistency, high temperature performance, working in high temperature environment, and dark current stability.