Triple Trap Filters 4.5 MHz ~ 6.5 MHz (XT MT)

Ceramic Triple Trap Filters (XT MT) Introduction

Token (XT MT) are Murata Triple Trap Filters TPT Compatible.

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  • Ceramic Triple Trap Filters (XT MT)

The characteristic of a three-terminal ceramic trap equals two two-terminal ceramic trap. Three-terminal ceramic trap has a monolith structure formed from 2 ceramic resonators.

Trap filter is a ceramic filter passes only particular frequency. To the contrary, Band Eliminate Filter (B. E. F.) which blocks or attenuates particular frequency is called trap.

Sound trap for TV set is one of the famous example of B. E. F. In TV set, video signal is used in picture amplitude circuit after video signal detection block, ceramic resonator is insert here and trap circuit is formed in order to eliminate sound signal involved in video signal.

Token (XT MT) Ceramic Trap Filters (compatible to Murata TPT) series consist of 3 wafers with 3 trap frequencies. Recommended for Multi standard sets.

Full line products meet RoHS compliant. Token will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information. Download Triple Trap Filter (XT MT) Datasheet PDF.

Features :
  • Good performance of attenuation, three-terminals trap filter, and space saving for Multi set.
(XT MT) Triple Trap Filter Quick Selection :
  • Dimensions (Unit: mm): 10.0 max x 8.0 max x 4.0 max.
  • XT01MT f01:5.500MHz; f02:6.000MHz; f03:6.500MHz; 30db min @f01& f02; & f03; 50(kHz)min@f01 30dB Att BW
  • XT02MT f01:5.500MHz; f02:5.742MHz; f03:6.500MHz; 30db min @f01& f02; & f03; 50(kHz)min@f01 30dB Att BW
  • XT03MT f01:5.500MHz; f02:5.742MHz; f03:6.000MHz; 30db min @f01& f02; & f03; 50(kHz)min@f01 30dB Att BW

Dimensions (XT MT)

(XT MT) Dimensions
(XT MT) Dimensions

Characteristics (XT MT)

(at fo1)
(at fo2)
(at fo3)
Attenuation BW
XT01MT 5.500 6.000 6.500 30 30 30 50
XT02MT 5.500 5.742 6.500 30 30 30 50
XT03MT 5.500 5.742 6.000 30 30 30 50

The level at 1MHz shall be made for a reference (0dB).

Test Circuit (XT MT)

(XT MT) Test Circuit
(XT MT) Test Circuit

Order Codes (XT MT)

Part Number