Ceramic Filters for FM Receiver, Wide/Narrow Band-Width (LT10.7M)

(LT10.7M) Dip Type Ceramic Filters - Introduction

Ceramic Filters (LT10.7M) Come With Good Waveform Symmetry, Small Dispersion, And High Selectivity.

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  • FM Receiver (LT10.7M) Murata SFELF10M7 Ceramic Filters compatible
  • Murata SFELF10M7 compatible Wide/Narrow Band-Width (LT10.7M) Ceramic Filters
  • Ceramic Filters (LT10.7M) Murata SFELF10M7 compatible

Token LT10.7M series are monolithic devices which utilize the energy-trapped thickness vibration-mode. This principle of operation is based upon the fact that an excellent resonating element with low spurious vibration can be obtained by adhering to certain theoretical parameters of design. These parameters include the physical dimensions of the peizo element, the electrode pattern, and the associated mass loading effect of the electrodes.

Token categorizes the LT 10.7 family according to rank of center frequency. This ranking indicates that a given LT 10.7 will be marked with one of the colors listed in the Standard Marking Color chart and will exhibit the center frequency in Technical Characteristics Table.

The (LT10.7M) offers three series: LT10.7M for FM Receiver (Compatible Murata SFELF10M7), LT10.7M A10 Insertion Loss 2.5±2.0 db ~ 4.5±2.0 db (Compatible Murata SFELF10M7 A10), and LT10.7M Wide Band-width 950 kHz at 20dB/Narrow Band-width 95 kHz at 20dB (Compatible Murata Filter SFELF10M7 DBS Receiver).

(LT10.7M) Narrow Band-width series features stable low spurious and temperature characteristics. This series is suitable for European car-audio or AM up conversion use that needs narrow band characteristics are stable. LT10.7M Wide Band-width series are specified to make up conventional ceramic filters which wider band characteristics not obtained.

Custom parts are available on request. Token will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements,
please contact our sales for more information.

Download complete Dip Ceramic Filters (LT10.7M) Datasheet PDF.

Benefit Features :
  • Excellent shape factor of frequency response.
  • These miniature filters have high mechanical strength.
  • Low loss, favorable waveform symmetry, and high selectivity.
  • Various band widths are available for applications in wide to narrow bands.
  • Change in center frequency is typically within ±30ppm/°C at -20°C to +80°C.
  • High reliability, Good waveform symmetry, Small dispersion and stable characteristics.

(LT10.7M) Dimensions (Unit: mm)

(LT10.7M) Dimensions
Ceramic Filter (LT10.7M) Dimensions (Unit: mm)
Part Number W*H Dimensions (Unit: mm)
LT10.7Mxx 7.0±2.0*7.0±2.0 mm
LT10.7MFP 10.0±2.0*10.0±2.0 mm

(LT10.7M) Technical Characteristics - For FM Receiver (Murata SFE10M7 FM-IF Compatible)

Part Number 3dB Band Width (kHz) 20dB Band Width (kHz) max Insertion Loss (dB) max Spurious Attenuation (9-12MHz)(dB)min
LT10.7MA5 280±50 650 6 30
LT10.7MS2 230±50 600 6 40
LT10.7MS3 180±40 520 7 40
  • Input/Ouput Impedance: 330Ω

(LT10.7M A10) Technical Characteristics - Low Insertion Loss (Murata SFE10M7 A10 Compatible)

Part Number 3dB Band Width (kHz) 20dB Band Width (kHz) max Insertion Loss (dB) Spurious Attenuation (9-12MHz)(dB)min
LT10.7MA5A10 280±50 590 2.5±2.0 30
LT10.7MS2A10 230±50 520 3.0±2.0 35
LT10.7MS3A10 180±40 470 3.5±1.5 35
LT10.7MJA10 150±40 360 4.5±2.0 35
  • Input/Ouput Impedance: 330Ω

(LT10.7M) Technical Characteristics - Wide/Narrow Band-width (Murata SFE10M7 DBS Receiver Compatible)

Part Number 3dB Band Width (kHz) 20dB Band Width (kHz) max Insertion Loss (dB) Spurious Attenuation (9-12MHz)(dB)min
LT10.7MA19 350min 950 3.0±2.0 20
LT10.7MA20 330±50 680 4.0±2.0 30
LT10.7MHY 110±30 350 7.0±2.0 30
LT10.7MFP 20min 95 6.0max 24(10.7±1.0MHz)
  • Input/Ouput Impedance: 470Ω(MA19), 330Ω(MA20,MHY), 600Ω(MFP)

(LT10.7M) Characteristic Curve

(LT10.7M) Characteristics
(LT10.7M) Characteristic Curve

Matching Conditions & Test Circuit (LT10.7M)

(LT10.7M) Test Circuit
(LT10.7M) Test Circuit
(LT10.7M) Ceramic Filter Notice:
  1. When using filters, it is most important to match the input/output load to impedance 330 ohm (LT10.7MA19 is 470 ohm matching). Waveform symmetry is damaged when reactance is added to the input/output load.

  2. Two filters directly connected can be used for high selectivity. For reducing waveform variation, it is recommended to input a buffer AMP between filters.

  3. The LT10.7M series are of input/output symmetric structure so that in theory there is no input/output directionality. Actual circuits may use different input/output loading conditions (for example, mismatched impedance) or capacitance load. In such cases, the waveform will be a little changed by the direction of the input/output of the filter.

(LT10.7M) Standard Marking Color

Center Frequency Color
D:10.64MHz±30kHz Black
B:10.67MHz±30kHz Blue
A:10.70MHz±30kHz Red
C:10.73MHz±30kHz Orange
E:10.76MHz±30kHz White

(LT10.7M) Order Codes

LT10.7MA5 - A P
Part Number
Center Frequency color code
A 10.70MHz±30kHz Red
B 10.67MHz±30kHz Blue
C 10.73MHz±30kHz Orange
D 10.64MHz±30kHz Black
E 10.76MHz±30kHz White
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