TV/VCR Ceramic Filters (LT MB)

(LT MB) Ceramic Filters - Introduction

Ceramic Filters for TV/VCR Stage (Murata SFE MB Compatible) 4.5 MHz ~ 6.5 MHz

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  • Murata Ceramic Filter SFE MB Compatible TV/VCR Stage (LT MB)

Token utilizes the latest piezo filter technology enabling the most cost-effective designs in manufacturing LT MB series. The ceramic filter is primarily designed for piezoelectric lines and conform to the RoHS directive and Lead-free. Ceramic filters for TV/VCR stage LT MB series can be customed designs and tighter tolerances available on request.

Application of ceramic filters specific designs also available including different piezo band-pass devices and Q specifications adjusted to frequency requirements. Token ceramic filters can supply you high performance, high quality and stability.

Token ceramic filters LT MB series are a high selectivity filter for 2 channel multi-sound TV. Features with frequency adjustment-free, high performance and durability, and high selectivity.

Download complete TV/VCR Ceramic Filters (LT MB) Datasheet PDF.

Benefit Features :
  • Excellent spurious suppression characteristics within video signal band.
  • Available 4 pass bandwidth variation to meet various requests.
  • Low profile (H = 10.0mm max.).

(LT MB) Dimensions (Unit: mm)

TV/VCR Ceramic Filters (LT MB) Dimensions
TV/VCR Ceramic Filters (LT MB)
Dimensions (Unit: mm)

(LT MB) Technical Characteristics

(LT MB) TV/VCR Ceramic Filter Characteristics
Ceramic Filter
(LT MB) TV/VCR Characteristics
Nominal Center Frequency
(fo) (MHz)
3dB Band Width
(kHz) min
20dB Band Width
(kHz) max
Insert Loss
(dB) max
Spurious Attenuation
(dB) min
Impedance (Ω)
LT4.5MB 4.500 fo±60 530 6.0 20(4.5+0.8-1.0 MHz) 1000
LT5.5MB 5.500 fo±75 550 6.0 25(5.5±1MHz) 600
LT6.0MB 6.000 fo±80 600 6.0 25(6.0±1MHz) 470
LT6.5MB 6.500 fo±80 630 6.0 25(6.5+1MHz)

Test Circuit (LT MB)

(LT MB) Ceramic Filter Test Circuit
(LT MB) Ceramic Filter Test Circuit

(LT MB) Order Codes

Part Number