Product Capacity of Inductors

Through Hole Inductors

EMI Line Filters Max. 7,000,000 Pcs/month
LF-5.0S Series Fixed Inductors Max. 13,000,000 Pcs/month
Radial Choke Max. 5,500,000 Pcs/month
Power Toroidal Coils Max. 6,800,000 Pcs/month
Ferrite Beads Max. 9,500,000 Pcs/month
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SMD Balun Transformers

SMD Common Mode Balun Transformers Max. 1,500,000 Pcs/month
SMD Common Mode Choke EMI Filters Max. 2,300,000 Pcs/month
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Wire-wound SMT Power Inductors

Shielded SMT Power Inductors Max. 5,700,000 Pcs/month
Unshielded SMT Power Inductors Max. 7,500,000 Pcs/month
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SMD RF Inductors

RF Wirewound Inductors Max. 6,500,000 Pcs/month
RF Thin Film Inductors Max. 12,000,000 Pcs/month
RF Multilayer Inductors Max. 8,500,000 Pcs/month
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