Zero Ohm Resistors & Jumper Wire (ZO, JW)

Jumper Wire Zero Ohm Resistor (ZO, JW) Introduction

A Quick Solution to PCB Board Connections

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  • Zero Ohm and Jumper Wire Resistors - ZO, JW Series

Jumper Wire (JW series a zero-ohm link) and zero-ohm resistor (ZO series) are a link used to connect traces on a printed circuit board that is packaged in the same format as a resistor.

The resistance of JW and ZO series is only approximately zero; only a maximum 0.05Ω is specified. Thus, a fractional tolerance (as a percentage of the zero-ohm ideal value) would be infinite and is not specified.

Axial through-hole zero-ohm resistors are especially suited for automatic machine insertion and generally marked with a single black band.

Token's JW and ZO Series offer a quick solution to the following problems:

  1. Circuit tuning by changing point connections.
  2. An "after the fact design" the requires new point connections.
  3. Inability to connect two points on a PCB board due to other circuit paths which must be crossed over.

Allowing customers to standardise on the PCB layout and use jumper wire and zero ohm resistor for required model variations, Token has developed a wider version for the interconnection device between points on a PCB board as jumper wires or crossovers. Contact us with your specific needs.

Downloads Complete Specification PDF Zero Ohm Resistors & Jumper Wire (ZO, JW).

Features :
  1. Maximum resistance 0.05Ω
  2. RoHS compliant with 100% lead free
  3. Lead Material: Tin-plated copper lead
  4. Ideal straight - through between point on PC Boards
  5. Packing: Tape/Reeled or Bulk
Applications :
  1. Interrupt processing
  2. Input and output distribution
  3. Ideal connection for circuit boards
  4. Dummy components on a PCB test board

General Specification (Unit: mm) Zero Ohm Resistor (ZO)

Zero Ohm Resistors (ZO) Dimensions
Zero Ohm Resistors (ZO) Dimensions
Type Rating Dimension (mm)
L Max. D Max. H ± 3 d+0.02-0.04
ZO - 1/8 0.125W 4.2 2.0 28 0.5
ZO- 1/4 0.25W 6.8 2.5 28 0.5

General Specification (Unit: mm) Jumper Wire (JW)

Jumper Wire (JW) Dimensions
Jumper Wire (JW) Dimensions
Type L±1 d+0.02 -0.04 H P
JW-A 61.5 0.5 3 - 10 5 - 30
JW-B 61.5 0.6 3 - 10 5 - 30

Construction & Dimensions (Unit: mm) Jumper Wire Forming (JW)

Jumper Wire (JW) Dimensions
Forming Jumper Wire (JW) Construction
JW-B-M-5×5×5 0.6±0.05 5±1.0 5±1.0
JW-B-M-8×5×8 0.6±0.05 5±1.0 8±1.0

Electrical Characteristics Jumper Wire (JW)

Requirements Characteristics
Current Rating 6 AMPS at 70°C
Conductor Resistance 0.54mΩ/cm
Material Tin-plated copper
Element of Plating Tin 99.9~100%, Lead 0~0.01% Max.
Thickness of Plating 5μ±2μ
Solder ability 260±5, 3sec. Coverage 95%
Conductivity 96% Min.
Tensile 26 Kg/mm2 Max.
Elongation 20% Min.

Electrical Performance (ZO, JW)

Requirements Characteristics
Maximum Resistance 0.05Ω
Lead Material tin-plead copper
Body Material Electrical grade, high performance molding compound
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Atomspheric-500V RMS, Reduced-325V RMS
Insulation Flammability Resistor Insulation is self extinguishing within 10
seconds after externally applied flame is removed.
Current Rating 25 AMPS at 25°C, dreading to 0 AMPS at 150°C

Order Codes Zero Ohm Resistors & Jumper Wire (ZO, JW)

ZO-1/4 0.25W TB
Part Number
Rated Power (W)
P Bulk
TB Taping Box

Order Codes Jumper Wire Forming (JW)

JW B M 5×5×5
1 2 3 4
Product Type.
Wire Diameter
B: Φ0.6mm
Forming Type
Size (mm)

Package Information of Jumper Wire Forming: Bulk Type, 5KPcs/Bag/Box.