Ceramic Resonators (ZTB456/500/503/912F)

KHz Ceramic Resonators (ZTB456/500/503/912F) Introduction

Optimum Ceramic Resonator Selection of ZTB456/500/503/912F Oscillation.

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  • Ceramic Resonators (KHz) ZTB456F16
  • Ceramic Resonators (KHz) ZTB456F16
  • Ceramic Resonators (KHz) ZTB456F16

Optimum Resonator selection of Token ZTB456/500/503/912F oscillation parameters make possible according to applications. The ZTB456/500/503/912F series provide reliable start up and stable oscillation in microprocessor circuits across a wide variety of applications.

The ZTB 456F multiplexers series is designed to provide frequency modulation for HI-FI stereo application. These resonators are offered in the frequency accuracy 19kHz ± 38Hz and 456kHz ± 2kHz with various applicable IC. The ZTB912F Multiplexers Series is specially designed to provide frequency modulation for HI-FI automobile stereo application. The ZTB 500/503F Series is designed for TV horizontal synthesizer circuits. These resonators are offered in the following frequency accuracy with applicable IC. All ZTB456/500/503/912F are Murata Compatible CSB456/503/912F.

Application of ceramic resonators specific designs also available including tighter tolerance specifications adjusted to frequency requirements. Products conform to the RoHS directive.

Token will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements, with comprehensive application engineering and design support available for customers worldwide.

Download complete datasheet KHz Ceramic Resonators (ZTB456/500/503/912F) PDF.

Benefit Features :
  1. Highly reliable design with excellent environmental resistance.
  2. Standardized for use in low profile devices.
  3. Low cost.

Dimensions (Unit: mm   Tolerance: ±0.3mm) KHz (ZTB456/500/503/912F)

KHz (ZTB456F16) Dimensions
KHz (ZTB***F) Dimensions
Type ZTB 456 / 500 / 503F ZTB 912F
W (width) 7.0 5.0
T (thickness) 3.5 2.2
H (height) 9.0 6.0
S (lead space) 5.0 2.5
L (lead length) 4.0 4.0

Technical Characteristics KHz (ZTB456/500/503/912F)

Part Number Frequency Accuracy Applicable IC
ZTB456F11 19.000 kHz ± 38 Hz LA3430 SANYO
ZTB456F15 19.000 kHz ± 38 Hz LA1832 SANYO
ZTB456F16 19.000 kHz ± 38 Hz TA8122AN TOSHIBA
ZTB456F18 19.000 kHz ± 38 Hz TA8132N TOSHIBA
ZTB456F33 456 kHz ± 2 Hz LA2232 SANYO
ZTB480E14 480+0.2%, -0.4% TC31018P TOSHIBA
ZTB500F2 500.0 kHz ± 2 kHz µPC1401C NEC
ZTB500F9 500.0 kHz ± 2 kHz M51308SP MITSUBISH
ZTB500F25 15.680 kHz ± 0.4% LA7680 SANYO
ZTB500F40 15.680 kHz ± 0.4% TA8691N TOSHIBA
ZTB503F2 503.5 kHz ±2 kHz µPC1401C NEC
ZTB503F5 504.5 kHz ± 2 kHz LA7620 SANYO
ZTB503F10 15.734 kHz ± 0.5% TA7777P TOSHIBA
ZTB503F12 503.5 kHz ± 2 kHz LDA3586N THOMSON
ZTB503F15 505.1 kHz ± 2 kHz LA7650 SANYO
ZTB503F30 503.5 kHz ± 1.5 kHz TA8654AN TOSHIBA
ZTB503F38 15.734 kHz ± 62 kHz AN5302 MATSUSHITA
ZTB912F 923.0 kHz ± 0.3% LA1780 SANYO
ZTB912F101 918.5 kHz ± 0.3% AN7291 MATSUSHITA
ZTB912F104 925.0 kHz ± 0.3% LA1867NM SANYO

Order Codes KHz (ZTB456/500/503/912F)

ZTB456F16 P
Part Number
P Bulk
TR Taping Reel