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(TPU5022DHP) Unshielded

Introduction (TPU5022DHP)

SMD Unshielded Power (TPU5022DHP)
SMD Unshielded Power (TPU5022DHP)
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Token's Power Inductors utilize wire wound technology enabling up to 30A high current. Token SMD unshielded (TPUDHP) series utilize wire wound technology with open magnetic circuit construction enabling cost-effective in manufacturing high rated current, low ohmic resistance products.

The power (TPUDHP) inductors are wound around a ferrite core and are particularly suitable for cost-critical mass applications with their surface-mounting capability. These material saving (TPUDHP) inductors are ideal for applications such as storage chokes in DC/DC convertors as well as in the EMC sector.

TPU3316DHP wire wound with Mn-Zn material core rugged self-leaded construction composites for low-voltage and large-current DC-DC converter. Available inductance values for the TPU3316DHP are from 0.33 uH to 4.70 uH with rated current up to 20.00 A.

TPU1813DHP rugged self-leaded construction with advance wire wound technology enables large current, lower DCR, and less than 4.7mm height. It is ideal for high power DC-DC applications. Inductance values for the TPU1813DHP are from 0.56 uH to 47.00 uH with rated current up to 7.70 A.

TPU5022DHP's self-leaded and open magnetic circuit construction is specified for high current applications with up to 30.00 A IDC. Inductance range from 0.78 uH to 15.00 uH.

Custom parts are available on request. Token will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information. Download complete specification SMD Unshielded Wirewound Power Inductor (TPU5022DHP) PDF (401KB).

Features :

  1. Compact size and thin.
  2. Open magnetic circuit construction.
  3. Large current and lower DCR.

Applications :

  1. Notebook, DC-DC applications.
  2. power supply applications.

Dimensions & Configurations (Unit: mm) (TPU5022DHP)

SMD Unshielded (TPU5022DHP) Series
SMD Unshielded (TPU5022DHP) Series
Wirewound Inductors SMD Unshielded (TPU5022DHP) Dimensions
SMD Unshielded (TPU5022DHP) Dimensions
Type A(max) B ± 0.3 C(max) D(max) E F G
TPU5022DHP 16.26 12.70 8.00 22.35 8.64 3.18 14.35

Note: Design as Customer's Requested Specifications.

Electrical Characteristics (TPU5022DHP)

Part Number Inductance(µH) Test Freq.(KHz) DCR (Ω)(max) IDC (A)(max)
TPU5022DHP - R78N 0.78 100 0.0026 30.00
TPU5022DHP - 1R5M 1.50 100 0.0040 25.00
TPU5022DHP - 2R2M 2.20 100 0.0061 20.00
TPU5022DHP - 3R3M 3.30 100 0.0086 17.00
TPU5022DHP - 3R9M 3.90 100 0.010 15.00
TPU5022DHP - 4R7M 4.70 100 0.014 13.00
TPU5022DHP - 6R0M 6.00 100 0.017 12.00
TPU5022DHP - 7R8M 7.80 100 0.018 11.00
TPU5022DHP - 100M 10.00 100 0.026 10.00
TPU5022DHP - 150M 15.00 100 0.032 8.00

Note: Test Freq.: 100KHz / 0.1V
Operating Temp.: -40°C ~ +85°C.
Inductance drop=10% typ. at IDC.

Order Codes (TPU5022DHP)

TPU5022DHP - R78 N
1 23
Part Number
R78 0.78µH
1R5 1.50µH
100 10.00µH
K 10%
L 15%
M 20%
N 30%