Dielectric Filters (LJ) Introduction

Low Insertion Loss Type Dielectric Filters (LJ) Series

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  • Through Hole Package Assures Mechanical Stability (LJ)

Token electronics manufacturing microwave dielectric filters, multi-layer filters, cavity filters, band-pass filter, military filters, high-frequency filters and so on, using high dielectric coefficient material and dielectric ceramics to meet specific design requirements, in line with RoHS standard.

Surface mount dielectric RF filters are mounted in a through hole package which assures mechanical stability and excellent lead coplanarity. Dielectric RF filters can be customed designs and tighter tolerances available on request. Products conform to the RoHS directive and Lead-free.

LJ Series with a stable temperature coefficient, small size, high stability, low insertion loss, good weldability. Dielectric band-pass filter for use in microwave communications, data transmission, radar, electronic warfare, military, aerospace and other fields.

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Features :
  • Low insertion loss.
  • Temperature compensated.
  • High frequency selectivity.
  • small and lightweight.
Applications :
  • Base station.
  • Military affairs.
  • Trunked radio system.
  • Cellular, Cordless phone.

Dimensions (Unit: mm) (LJ)

(LJ) Dimensions
(LJ) Dimensions

Typical Specifications (LJ)

Part No. Center
Band Width
Ripple in
LJ900-C-A 900 fo±10 2.5 0.5 1.5 50 at fo±100
LJ1200-C-B 1200 fo±15 2.0 0.8 2.0 50 at fo±110
LJ950-D-B 950 fo±10 2.5 0.5 1.5 60 at fo±100
LJ1250-D-B 1250 fo±15 2.0 0.8 2.0 60 at fo±110

Typical Characteristic (LJ)

Dielectric Filters (LJ) Series Typical Characteristic I
(LJ) Series I Typical Characteristic
Center 1067.500MHz (0.000dB) & (1.210dB) Span 300.000MHz
Dielectric Filters (LJ) Series Typical Characteristic II
(LJ) Series II Typical Characteristic
Center 1067.500MHz (0.000dB) & (-20.456dB) Span 300.000MHz)

Order Codes (LJ)

LJ 900 - C - A
Part Number
Center Frequency (MHz)
Number of Resonator
C 3
D 4
A 10MHz
B 20MHz