Thick Film Non-Inductive Power Resistors (TAP120)

Power Non-Inductive Resistors(TAP120)Introduction

New high-power non-inductive resistor (TAP120) enforces mechanical stability available.

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  • Thick Film Non-Inductive Power Resistors (TAP120)
  • Thick Film Non-Inductive Power Resistors (TAP120)
  • Thick Film Non-Inductive Power Resistors (TAP120)

Token is devoting in the development of thick film non-inductive power resistors in particularly and powerful compact.

Non-inductive Thick Film (TAP120) Ultra-High-Power Resistors packaged in SOT247 with alumina ceramic metalized on the bottom for optimum discharge and improved heat transfer. Case encapsulates with resin-filled epoxy and enables large air distance between the terminals to achieve high insulation resistance.

Power Resistor (TAP120) handles power peaks, including those that happen whenever high-end electronic products are switched on and off, and it redirect power surges. Also Non-inductive (TAP120) help handle the rotational speed of electric motors such as those used in vehicles like locomotives and trams and in industrial equipment.

The thick flim resistor (TAP120) series consists of 4 connection options. Operating voltage can reach 1500V. Precision tolerance has 0.5%、1%、2%、5%、10% alternative. While the center temperature of the bottom plate lower than 85°C, the type 1 and type 2 can remain full power of 120W.

For customed designs, tighter tolerances, non-standard technical requirements, or custom special applications, please contact our sales for more information.

Download complete specification Thick Film Non-Inductive Power Resistors (TAP120) PDF.

Features :
  1. Thick film, Non-inductive.
  2. Small size and high power.
  3. High stability, Wide range of resistance.
  4. High insulation & partial discharge performance.
Applications :
  1. Variable Speed Drives.
  2. Power Supplies, Control Devices.
  3. Telecommunications, Robotics.
  4. Motor Controls and other Switching Devices.

TAP120 Construction & Dimensions (Unit: mm)

Thick Film Non-Inductive Power Resistors (TXP) Dimensions
Thick Film Non-Inductive Power Resistors (TAP120) Dimensions (Unspecified Tolerance: ±0.3 mm)

TAP120 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Values
Rated Power (W) (Base Plate Center Temp ≤ 85°C) 120W
Resistance range (Ω) 0.1Ω ~ 1MΩ
Tolerance (%) ±0.5% ~ ±10%
TCR (ppm/°C) (25°C~105°C) ±500 ppm (±50 ppm on request.)
Max.working voltage (VDC) 1500 V
Mounting-torque for contacts M4 screw 1.5 Nm Max
Temperature range (°C) -55°C~+125°C

Test Condition (TAP120)

Test Item Test Methods Characteristics
Short Time Overload JIS-C-5201-1 4.13
1.5P amount does not exceed
ΔR/R ≤±(0.25%+0.1Ω).
Insulation resistance JIS-C-5261 6-1 500VDC. 10GΩ Min.
Dielectric withstanding voltage JIC-C-5261 7-1 3000VAC
1 minute between terminal and axis.
Free of appearance or structural irregularity.
Vibration JIS-C-5261 6-6
50HZ, amplitude 2mm, lasting 4Hrs.
Load life JIS-C-5261 7-7
Rated power 1000Hrs.
Temperature Cycling JIS-C5201-1 4.19
-55°C ~ 125°C, 5 cycles.
Humidity JIS-C5201-1 4.24
+40°C/95%RH for 240Hrs. with 1.5Hrs
′ON′, 0.5Hr ′OFF′.

Derating Curve (TAP120)

Thick Film Non-Inductive Power Resistors (TAP120) Dimensions

Order Codes (TAP120)

TAP120 1 10R K
Part Number
1 Type 1, 120W
2 Type 2, 120W
3 Type 3, 40W x 2
4 Type 4, 40W x 2
Resistance (Ω)
10R 10Ω
100R 100Ω
1K 1000Ω
1M 100000Ω
Resistance Tolerance (%)
K ±10%
J ±5%
G ±2%
F ±1%
D ±0.5%