Balun Transformers


Introduction (TCB5FL)

SMD Choke Coils Common Mode - TCB5FL Series
Surface Mount Balun Transformers (TCB5FL)
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A Balun is a device which converts balanced impedance to unbalanced and vice versa. In addition, baluns can also provide impedance transformation, hence the name Balun Transformers.

Token utilizes the latest winding technology using paired wires for high uniformity and enabling the most cost-effective designs in manufacturing surface mount baluns.

Token (TCB5FL) baluns are primarily designed for choking power lines and conform to the RoHS compliant and Lead-free. SMD (TCB5FL) feature with ultra-compact size, wide inductance selection, and low-resistance coils. SMD (TCB5FL) can be customed designs and tighter tolerances available on request.

Application of RF balun transformer specific designs also available including different inductance values and Q specifications adjusted to frequency requirements. Base pins are end proccessed to allow direct mounting on PCB. Ideal for use in double balanced mixers, and as broad band transformers, transistors and for impedance conversion.

Token will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements, with comprehensive application engineering and design support available for customers worldwide.

Download Complete Datasheet Common Mode SMD Balun Transformers (TCB5FL) PDF (378KB).

Features :

  1. Pair wire coil for high stability.

Applications :

  1. Double Balance Mixers, Broad-Band Transformers;
  2. Impedance Transformers, Balun Transformers, etc..

Configurations & Dimensions (TCB5FL)

Common Mode Surface Mount Balun Transformers (TCB5FL) DimensionsCommon Mode Surface Mount Balun Transformers (TCB5FL) Dimensions
Type A
TCB5FL 6.9 6.9 3.6 4.0 5-0.6 5.7 1.7 1.2 4.0

Note: Design as Customer's Requested Specifications.

Electrical Characteristics (TCB5FL)

Part Number Winding Turns
TCB5FL - 616DB1196 2 1/2 T 300
TCB5FL - 616DB1197 3 1/2 T 300
TCB5FL - 616DB1198 4 1/2 T 300

Test Circuit (TCB5FL)

SMD Balun Transformer (TCB5FL) Test CircuitSMD Balun Transformer (TCB5FL) Test Circuit

Typical Characteristics (TCB5FL)

SMD Balun Transformers (TCB5FL) Typical CharacteristicsSMD Balun Transformers (TCB5FL) Typical Characteristics

Order Codes (TCB5FL)

TCB5F - 616DB1196
1 2
Part Number
616DB1196 Frequency Mixer
616DB1197 Frequency Mixer