Parallel Precision Resistor Network Voltage Divider (UPRND)

Parallel Precision Voltage Divider Networks (UPRND) Introduction

Token's (UPRND) high precision voltage divider networks sharpen the edge of application accuracy.

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  • High Precision Voltage Divider Networks (UPRND)
  • High Precision Voltage Divider Networks (UPRND)
  • High Precision Voltage Divider Networks (UPRND)
  • High Precision Voltage Divider Networks (UPRND)
  • High Precision Voltage Divider Networks (UPRND)

The Precision Thin-Film Network technology provides a significant reduction of the resistive component's sensitivity to ambient temperature variations (TCR).

Designers can now guarantee a high degree of stability and accuracy in fixed-resistor applications using solutions based on Token's revolutionary Network technology. This technology allows customer orientated products, designed to satisfy challenging and specific technical requirements.

Precision Network Resistors UPRND Series meets Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant. Known for providing design engineers with a comprehensive range of industrial-qualified resistive devices, Token Electronics has further expanded its precision product capabilities in Serial UPRNS and Parallel UPRND Series.

Providing design engineers with an economical power resistor with high quality performance, Token Electronics offers low cost industrial grade Parallel UPRND and Serial UPRNS Networks.

Token's UPRND/UPRNS Series are assembled by EE/RE 1/10 series to form a stable, high precision thin-film networks. Characteristic of UPRND Series meet extreme low temperature coefficient.

Parallel UPRND Series equate IRC, EBG Precision Devices with fast delivery and more competitive price. For non-standard technical requirements and special applications, please contact us.

PDF download here Parallel Precision Resistor Network Voltage Divider (UPRND).

Features :
  1. UPRND: Parallel dip type; UPRNS: Serial dip type. Any value is available within resistance range.
  2. Superior TCR narrowed to Absolute C7(±5 ppm/°C), Relative C10(±2 ppm/°C).
  3. Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant. Precision tolerance tight to A2(±0.02%).
  4. Metal film precision networks, excellent stability and reliability.
Applications :
  1. Precision Amplifiers, Audio (High End Stereo Equipment).
  2. Recording Equipment, Electron Microscopes. Military, airborne, High precision instrumentation.
  3. Industrial, Precision Bypass, Divider. Medical, Test and Measurement Equipment. Electron Beam (EB) Applications Scanning.

Dimensions & Technical Characteristics (UPRND)

Parallel (UPRND) DimensionsParallel Voltage Divider (UPRND) Dimensions
UPRND A(mm)±0.5 5.08 11.8
Number of Resistors # 2 4
Dimensions(Unit: mm) A 5.08±0.5 ~ 11.8±0.5
B 9.0±0.5
C 0.6±0.05
D 2.54±0.05
E 11.5±0.5
F 3.0±0.5
Rated Wattage of one element unit at 70°C (W) 0.1
Maximum Working Voltage (V) 200
Nominal Resistance Range of component element unit (Ω) 10 ~ 1M
Absolute Tolerance (%) A2(±0.02), A5(±0.05), B(±0.1), C(±0.25), D(±0.5), F(±1.0)
Relative Tolerance (%) T(±0.01), A2(±0.02), A5(±0.05), B(±0.1)
Absolute Temperature Coefficient (ppm/°C) C7(±5), C6(±10), C5(±15), C3(±25), C2(±50)
Relative Temperature Coefficient (ppm/°C) C10(±2), C9(±3), C7(±5), C6(±10), C5(±15)
Working Temperature (°C) -10 ~ +70


1. Absolute value means all factors (Tolerance and Temperature Coefficient) of network component element units are independent.
2. Relative value means the maximum difference factor among component element units of Network Resistor.

Examples for Construction (UPRND)

(UPRND) Parallel Construction(UPRND) Parallel Voltage Divider Construction

1. There are no standard nominal resistance for UPRNS/UPRND Series.
2. It can be required to Token's representatives if requirement beyonds above specifications.
3. Customer can designate or specify the number of component elements of Network Resistor according with this specification of UPRNS/UPRND Series to meet
    your own needs.

Precision Resistor Network Dimensions UPRND Versus UPRNS

Parallel (UPRND) Dimensions
Parallel Resistor Networks (UPRND)
Dimensions (Unit: mm)
Dimensions Unit: mm
A ± 0.5
Number of Resistors
5.08 2
11.8 4

Serial Resistor Networks (UPRNS) Dimensions
Serial Resistor Networks (UPRNS)
Dimensions (Unit: mm)
(UPRNS) Voltage Divider Resistor Networks
Dimensions Unit: mm
A ± 0.5
14.2 5
16.9 6
21.9 8
24.1 9
35 13
42.3 16
50.8 19

Internal Connection (UPRND) Versus (UPRNS)

Parallel Resistor Network (UPRND) Construction Examples
Parallel Resistor Network (UPRND) Construction Examples
Serial Resistor Network (UPRNS) Construction Examples
Serial Resistor Network (UPRNS) Construction Examples

Order Codes (UPRND)

UPRND 4 100R B C5
Part Number
Number of Resistors
Resistance Value (Ω)
10R 10Ω
100R 100Ω
1K 1KΩ
1M 1MΩ
Resistance Tolerance (%)
Absolute A2 ±0.02%
A5 ±0.05%
B ±0.10%
C ±0.25%
D ±0.50%
F ±1.00%
Relative T ±0.01%
A2 ±0.02%
A5 ±0.05%
B ±0.10%
Temperature coefficient (PPM/°C)
Absolute C7 ±5ppm/°C
C6 ±10ppm/°C
C5 ±15ppm/°C
C3 ±25ppm/°C
C2 ±50ppm/°C
Relative C10 ±2ppm/°C
C9 ±3ppm/°C
C7 ±5ppm/°C
C6 ±10ppm/°C
C5 ±15ppm/°C